Vella Loy:

About Vella:

Vella is a strong woman. She got here today by starting out small and kept growing as her artistic talent grew. We found her at an art show and her pieces took our breath away. So of course, we asked her to be on our team when she got older. She replied yes and here we are now, so when is your next appointment with her?


Scott Lawrence:

About Scott:

Scott, oh Scott. He is a man of many words, literally. You will never get tired of listening to him, he will always make you laugh. Growing up in a big family, of course there is always that one child who is different, like Scott here. Scott always followed what he believed would be right for him and his future, and well, he ended up in the right place.


Victoria Hughes:

About Victoria:

Victoria was an intern here a couple summers ago. She tried out another tattoo back at home and she said, “The individuality here cannot be compared to anywhere else”. She really speaks her mind, honestly. We like honest people, especially when ink is getting imprinted into them. But do not worry, Victoria is a great employee.


George Allen:

About George:

Now George here grew up in this area. You could say he was a regular customer here at Mystic Koi. When he got his first tattoo, he was so happy that he could not stop coming here! Mostly to chat, sometimes different tattoos but he wasn’t too rash about getting one, since you know, they are permanent. As his love for tattoos grew, he could not help but apply to work here. Well, we are happy to have him here.


Alecia Lemke:

About Alecia:

Alecia came from France. We were wondering why she would come to a beat up area like this one, especially here in Nevada. Apparently, back at France, tattoos are not as popular there than here in the United States. She, of course, like the others, pursued her dreams to become a tattoo artist. (With piercings as a hobby). Now she is a professional tattoo artist and a painless piercer.


Craig Price:

About Craig:

Now Craig is your average housewife. He cooks, cleans, takes care of his children, and works. He is a busy man but every time he comes into work, he would just always have a smile on his face. He sometimes brings his kids in for work, and we are perfectly okay with that, as long as they don’t touch anything that can harm them. If you want an easy going person, Craig is that guy.


Lloyd Reynolds:

About Lloyd:

Lloyd is a hardworking young man who just started his career here at Mystic Koi. Everyone has to start somewhere, but we hope he stays. His pure aura brings everyone together and act like a family. You could say he is the baby in the family, but he is the glue that sticks us together. He has a very creative mind and comes up with new tattoo ideas for us when he as the time, which we are very grateful for that.